Welcome to my website! It is home to to my thoughts on various topics from video games to the shenanigans that are happening at school along with my portfolio and resume. It is a place where I record my thoughts and share what’s happening around me. One of the very first consoles that I grew up with was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that belonged to one of my cousins. It even had Ninja Turtles Turtles in Time and Mario Paint. I was also exposed to unique consoles like the Philips CDi (yes I do own Zelda: Wands of Gamelon) and the Nintendo Virtual Boy. I am about to graduate Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Development. I am currently enrolled in the University of Southern California Graduate Interactive Media program for the class of 2015.

Feel free to contact me or email me at lawrence.cy.jung@gmail.com!

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Lawrence Jung