A little bit less than 7 days till Imagine RIT. A lot of work has been going into Astral Bear’s First game and we will be showing a few levels there to get some feedback. One of the hardest things that I am trying to manage is to keep communication lines open between all the members. Half of the team is not with us at RIT so getting constant updates from them has proven difficult. This is true between our developers as some questions are not gotten to within 2-3 hours which have slowed down part of our development process. Even with all these hardships, we are pulling through. I am excited and nervous to show what we have done so far at Imagine RIT. Our Designer has been updating his blog sharing various mechanics our game contains like battle balance and the different class types the player can be. Mike Allen, our UI guy, have also been expressing his thoughts on UI creation on the game blog. To get the full picture of the game, our main site has some of the game narrative and reflections by our programmers. Hopefully you will enjoy reading about our game and out reflections.

This past few weeks I have been working on the Kickstarter for our game that we hopefully to have up by the end of this quarter (end of May). It is something that will definitely help us financially in completing this game. I was fortunate to have a professor this quarter who has a son working within the game industry. He has been helping us to make our Kickstarter a success. Besides working on our Kickstarter, I have been working on the redesign for our company’s website. It will be launch at ImagineRIT. I believe it is much better than what we currently have and will be spending this week on fixing some bugs in the CSS and HTML. It has been awhile since I have done any web programming but WordPress HTML/CSS editor is nice. I hope you will agree that our new site is better once it is launched.

Brimstone Mountain.
Assets created by Justine Raymond

Our artist, Justine Raymond, continues to be awesome. I can not comprehend how she is able to work on her animation thesis and the art for our game. She has been the only one working on the concept art, animation and in-game assets for us. It is difficult to find hard working artist at our school but she has been great. You can check out some of her work on her site.

It is going into our 8th week of our quarter. Homeworks are dying down but major projects are adding up. For my Digital Entrepreneurship Class we are creating a business. The team that I with decided to made a Video Game status aggregator where it pull stats from multiple game and multiple platforms. We plan to have a working prototype of it for finals week. In my Music of the Spheres class, I will be writing a research paper on various philosophers/scientist that had an impact on our theories and scientific laws of today. And of course I can not forget about Japanese. I am continuing to put a lot of time in Japanese because I want to be prepared when I am studying in Kanazawa over the summer. It is important to me to have some level of fluency before I arrive. I actually have been increasing the amount of anime watching this week to increase my listening comprehension. It is somewhat working however there are some sentence structures that I do not understand or have not learned yet. A requirement of the study abroad program is that I will have to keep a blog of my experience in Japan and all my post will be in Japanese! Once it is ready and have my first post, I will share it hear. Hopefully you can google translate it! 😛

This is it for now. I will hopefully post another update after ImagineRIT with my reflections on how the exhibit went. If you are in the Rochester Area by May 5. Check out our game! Here is the ImagineRIT page for our exhibit.

La critique est aisée, mais l’art est difficile.- Destouches

Memory Log 04-29-2012CE Recorded Complete.

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