It is now April 8, 2012. Approximately 47 days are left of my final year at RIT and there are many things that I still want to accomplish before that eventful day occurs. Astral Bear Studios is still continuing to work on our first product. It has been a stressful past fours weeks in getting everything down on paper and having the milestone mostly laid out. I also find myself as an extremely stressful person during this experience and certain things have been pushed back. I have been learning to be more relaxed an readjusting our currently trajectory for this project since it is important for us to get the core game and most of the content implemented before the summer starts. Unfortunately I would not be able to continue to be project manager on this wonderful project due to me participating in a study abroad program in Kanazawa, Japan. Many of our underlying technology has changed which helped increase the performance on the iPod touch and we are upping the resolution of the graphics to get more detail. I was fortunate to get in contact with Justine Raymond, a student at RIT studying Animation, to do professional art work for our game. Below is a sample and here is her site! Check out her work!

This is concept art for The Eye of the World Tavern which is the main hub location for the main character. It is a place where travelers from all over Eidul meet and discuss the various adventures they have been on. You can find out more on the Astral Bear Studios site! Jeffrey Rapp has continue to post the various design intricacy of our game on the Design Blog. He talks about auto-leveling, exploration and the talent system. Our User Interface Engine, Mike Allen, has also posted his thoughts and research on creating an intuitive interface for a small touch screen. It proved to be a rewarding challenge.

Last week I went to Los Angeles to visit the University of Southern California (USC) for the first time. It was a surreal experience as the school is different from the various images I’ve seen online. This was to attended the Accepted Graduate Orientation event and to meet the various students and staff in the School of Cinematic Arts but also in Interactive Media, the program that I was accepted in to. The other Graduate Students I meet there were from all over the country and came from a variety of field of studies. Some came with a strong programming background while others had a little more artistic training. I think it will be a great time to work with them as they will be my peers for the next three years. At the event I was also got to meet the famous Tracy Fullerton who wrote the Game Design Workshop book that was used in my Game Design course. All of this seem like it happened in a dream.

After the meet and greet and delicious lunch, we got divided into our majors and went to a room to learn more about the curriculum. USC is definitely in the forefront in Interactive Design for all sorts of things. One of the building for our department is currently under-construction and it is suppose to be fully aware. It is being made by some students currently in the program. Another graduate student was working with a car company to make a self-aware vehicle that learn the drivers behaviors on the road. That seem like a really intriguing topic, going with the way of IRobot. The rest of us was also able to get a good look of the campus. It has a very Romanesque style yet modern at the same time. It has more personality than the brick and metal buildings at RIT. One building is named after George Lucas while the one across from it is named after Steven Spielberg. This is definitely no ordinary school and I am looking forwarding in started this fall.

March 27, 2012 is the day I have been waiting for. Fade: Case of the Stolen Diamonds have been launched for the Apple iTunes App Store for the Apple iPad. I began on Fade back to the start of this school year in September. I was brought on because the Fade team needed artist to make this game a reality. Ben Saxe and Dan Sternfeld are the creators of this game and are my really close friends. I did the User Interface design, environment art and environment switches. I have seen the various hard ships these guys when through to make sure that Fade was perfect. You can like their facebook page or go to their website to find out more information. A mobile game site, slide to Play, did an article of the 20 Best iPhone and iPad games of 2012 so far and Fade landed in number 7 spot. It beat out Angry Birds Space and Triple Town!! I was so happy that other people saw the greatness of Fade. Other mobile gaming sites have been giving Fade high marks. I am so proud of Dan and Ben for creating such a great game and giving me the opportunity to work on it. Some of my residents on my floor really enjoyed it too! I hope those two will get the opportunity to make another game in the future as I would love to be part of it.

I continue to push team Astral Bear Studios as I hope that Project Pandora will just as good as Fade. It will be on display at this years ImagineRIT on May 5, 2012. If you are in the Rochester Area during that time. Stop by and check out the current state of our game! We may even have free goodies to give out! : ). I am also spending lots of time in becoming better at Japanese since I will be studying there. It is a lot of work but my friends have been great and getting me to be better. One of them even got an internship with Namco Bandai this summer!! This so far have been quite an interesting senior year at RIT. I will make sure that the last 47 days will not go to waste. Till next post! : D

Memory Log 04-08-2012CE Recorded Complete.

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