It’s been almost 3 months since my last blog entry due to the hectic schedule I had this past winter quarter. Astral Bear Studios has posted information about our first game that will be released on the Apple App Store around late August to early September 2012 by our game designer, Jeffrey Rapp. Being the Project Manager of Project Pandora have been quite an experience due to working with the different personalities each of the team member brings to the project. So far we have three levels designed and laid out and the first level implemented in the game engine. Our real-time/turn-based touch based battle system is also in place with my weird looking face for all the enemy types. Amelia and I have been working on the art style for the game looking for a more cel-shaded style than the traditional pixel style art of the past 8-bit/16-bit games. We are also working on our Operating Agreement so Astral Bear Studios can officially become a limited liability company! However there is still a lot of language to work through before that becomes a reality. The team is continuing to work on the game during Spring Quarter. We currently have one artist working on it but I continue to looking for another to help out. In addition to Project Pandora, I worked on designing a card game live action role-playing (LARP) with Jeffrey Rapp and Bill Phillips. It is called Deadlands Hoyle’s Hucksters having the the setting revolving around the Deadlands RPG however this LARP aspect can be applied to any setting. Here is our design doc for the game. It was our final project for the Game Design Graduate Level Course. It was a lot of fun to finally shift my design sense from a digital realm to the physical space. I have always wanted to create a game using physical objects with out the use of a computer system.

Now my final quarter at RIT has arrived. I will continue to oversee the progress on Project Pandora but I will have a more relaxing quarter compare to my previous quarters. Spring Quarter I will be taking Digital Entrepreneurship, Intermediate Japanese 3, Music of the Spheres and Archery! Digital Entrepreneurship will help me in finding ways to make Project Pandora a success since it is a digital product and how to harness the internet to raise awareness for this game. Intermediate Japanese 3 will help me complete my Japanese Language minor but also help me prepare for my study abroad trip to Japan, Kanazawa this summer! To round of my required credits I found an interesting course titled Music of the Spheres. Based on the books I had to purchase for the course, it seems like the course look at how scientific philosophy emerged and the rise of Romanticism. I hope the class is as interesting as it sounds. Then finally, my last wellness, Archery! It is the perfect time to learn how to shoot an arrow with Pixar Brave coming out later this year. Ever since I was a child, I wanted to learn how to shoot an arrow properly. I usually play as an archer when I get the chance in some video games. There is something alluring in being a ranged offensive type.

This past Spring Break I got to go to San Fransisco to see my cousin. She is currently interning at Pixar and gave me a really cool tour of the office and campus. Animation was my second choice of major and I would definitely would like to work there as their Office space is really cool. She also took me to some famous eateries of the area. I never had such good food since winter break. I also got a chance to visit Fisherman’s Wharf and California Academy of Sciences. Both place I would recommend if you get a chance to stop in San Fran. Unfortunately my trip ended the Sunday before the Game Developer’s Conference 2012. Dan Sternfeld and Ben Saxe’s iOS iPad game Fade was at the RIT booth. I helped with the User Interface and environment art for the game. They have finally submitted the game to Apple for the game to get approved. I can not wait to see it in the store as it will be the very first game I helped released independently.

While many of my friends were enjoying their time at GDC 2012, I was back at RIT in my dorm working on my next generation of hall decorations for my floor. The Super Mario Bros theme decoration seem appropriate for my final hall decorations before I graduate. There are piranha plants coming out of the iconic green pipes, question mark blocks, brown blocks and to topic it all off with a castle at the end of the call with the flag declaring the floor’s name. I would say it is my best work yet! In addition, I finally caught up on my anime watching. I caught up Gundam AGE, Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing and starting Fate/Zero. So far I am enjoying all of them. Gundam AGE is interesting as it spans different generations of the same family and it is more playful than the other serious Gundam series. Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing is really gripping. It continues to have me at the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. I get a little sense of Game of Thrones from it since many characters die throughout the season. I also could not forget to get some gaming in before school starts! I finally went back to play StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty beating the mission I had so much trouble with. I am finally at the part where you get to play as the Protoss during the flashback sequences. I like the mix up of game play that keeps the game feeling fresh. I hope to finally beat the game this year. However Mass Effect 3 was released recently! It is one of my favorite series but I would need to find time to play it before I am off to Japan.

Also during Spring Quarter I will be heading out to University of Southern California to attend the accepted graduate lunch meeting. It will be my first time ever being at that school and it will give me a good sense of what my next three years will be. Oh yea! Forgot to mention that I was accepted to USC Interactive Media Graduate Program.  Found out this past February. I really hope this will help develop my design skills to new heights! It will also allow me to connect with game development companies in the area since there are not many of them here in the Rochester area. I am a little nervous about staying on the west coast for an extended period of time but it will be an adventure.

Maybe I will play some Bastion and finally beat that! I will continue to upload some of my fantasy writing from my high school days in the Written Works section. Keep your eye out for those updates!

Memory Log 03-11-2012CE Recorded Complete.

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