Spring quarter has been a roller coaster with a huge blast at the end. Resonance came together and we were able to get 4 levels in before the submission. The animation sprite sheets worked and bugs were ironed out. There are still some bugs but they are not game breaking. We were also able to use the xbox 360 controller and the game is fun using that, but we made sure to still allow keyboard input. I mean this game was pitch to be a PC game first then a xbox 360 indie (or arcade) game. I think it turned out really well! It is definitely  a learning experience being a team leader on a 10 week game development project. It taught me some management skill and help me to improve on being a game designer. I hope this will spark more creativity in me and design experiences for people that are engaging. Games can be more than what they currently represent. Games is a medium like any other art form where the designer can express themselves with. I end this post with a piece of art work that I created, the main character of Resonance, Clef Treble.

Clef Treble
The main character of Resonance

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