Beginning of Spring Quarter, Project Resonance was pitch to my professor for Game Design and Development II to get “Green lit”. It was a success and my game “Resonance” is being created. Already half way through the quarter, my design for the game was changing. The idea was constant but the core mechanic kept changing. My team just changed the mechanic again however it seemed to return back to my original way I had plan. Designing a game has been a rocky road but a great experience. The first playable will be due by the third week of May. Fortunately I have a great team that support me. The technology is in place now everything needs to be implemented to our new design. I hope this will be successful as I would like to submit this eventually to an independent games festival for the world to see. It is also a good experience to feel how it is like to be “in” the game industry. The design document is constantly changing and interacting with the design and the programmers is crucial as everyone needs to be on the same page. Here is our team logo! The game logo also went through many changes. The game logo might not be the same for the next post! Hope to update our progress soon.

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