MFA Thesis project

Berättande is a USC MFA Thesis project in the exploration of storytelling through the player’s interaction with a digital environment. The player gets shipped wrecked on a mysterious island and from their exploration of the area they discover a story and their connection to the island. There is a persistent journal the player carries with them that is used to record various objects the player has encounter and is a safe space for the player to write their own thoughts and feelings about their adventure. I hope this experience will find new ways for players to connect themselves with the virtual environment through their own writings.

I worked on Berättande as Lead Producer, Programmer, Creative Director and Designer. As a thesis project, I have been in charge of my own vision of the experience and laying out a realistic production schedule to see it to completion for Thesis Show in May. I met with the team weekly and performed playtest sessions to evaluate current progress.


Kylie Moses – Narrative Designer
Patrick Quah – Narrative Designer
Christina Orcutt – Art Director/3D Modeler
Rodraco Ealey – Character Concept Artist
Brett Wilson – Environment and Prop Concept Artist
Chitvan Gupta – Engineer
Julian Kantor – Engineer

Screenshots and Concept Art

Thesis Proposal