Currently Available on the Disney Now App.

The Lion Guard: Protectors of the Pridelands is a mobile gaming application targeted towards 2 – 5-year-olds within the Disney Junior mobile app. It follows Kion and four of his friends as they prowl through the Pridelands protecting its inhabitants from danger.

I helped design the 5 micro-games for each of the characters (Kion, Bunga, Beshte, Fuli, Ono) making sure the game mechanics aligned with the audience perceptions and performed weekly playtesting with our target demographic. Here is a mechanics breakdown of each of the microgames.

  • Kion: A top-down traversal experience where he patrols the Prideland searching for any animal in need while avoiding obstacles and enemies.
  • Fuli: A side-scrolling endless runner while avoiding obstacles and being caught by the orangutan.
  • Bunga: An endless side-scrolling adventure hopping across cliffs attempting to get as high as he can.
  • Ono: A top-down flying game where Ono must reach the finish line while avoiding thunderclouds and vultures.
  • Fuli: A top-down strategy game where Fuli must create a path for the deer to safely cross the floodplains.

Each character has a power-up that can help the player easily get through the level based on each character’s trait.