The Global Game Jam topic: Extinction.

Whew! What an event. 48 hours of straight programming, art and design. I was on a team of 4 including my self that help create this interesting game. Unlike last year where they gave you a word and a few constraints, this year was just that word. As a team we found it difficult to come up with a game idea that revolved around the word Extinction as we did not want to create a game that everyone else was going to create. We constantly thought of the dinosaurs, aliens, world destruction, etc. Then we broaden the idea a bit. What exactly is Extinction? What does it mean to people? Well extinction usually means a lost of something permanently. We wanted this feeling to felt by the player by our game and I think we succeed. The basic platforming mechanic has been tried and true but the meaning behind it is what separates it. Because people feel “lost” differently there is room for interpretation and everyone will experience it in their own frame of mind. There are many deep meaning that can be derived from this but in the end it is all decided by you, the player.

Download, run the executable and enjoy!

The Ultimate Celebration Download

Feedback is always welcome here or on the Game Jam website! : )

Global Game Jam 2010 Game (Outwit and Betray)

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