Developed at Trigger, Released on September 2017
Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

I co-lead a team of four through a successful development and deployment of the The Walking Dead: Encounter AR app over a four month period. It is a co-branded AR app with AMC and Mountain Dew to promote The Walking Dead Season 8 and limited edition Mountain Dew products. With each live Season 8 episode, users can unlock new exclusive walkers by scanning the audio of the Mountain Dew commercials. They are also able to unlock new walkers by scanning limited edition Mountain Dew packaging. There are a total of 20 AR walkers to unlock.

There are two core features of app, scene creator and scare mode. Scene creator give fans the ability to perfectly place and perfectly an AR Zombie in their environment to capture the perfect picture or video and share across their social accounts. In scare mode, fans can select which walker to be scared by and walk around their environment to find it. The walker will randomly appear on screen scaring the fan.


Producer: Lawrence Jung and Andy Caramanzana
Director of Production: Shawn Grover
Art Director: Jason Adduci
Creative Director: Anthony Palacios
Developer: Adam Wardell
Senior Director of Technology: Danny Parks
President & Executive Creative Director: Jason Yim


Images composited by Jason Adduci.