Game Created for Interactive Experience and World Design Course at USC, Developed over 15 weeks

Poco Conocido is a narrative experience investigating how to tell stories through different perspectives. The player explores an abandoned island filled with objects left behind. Along their journey they will find a companion that will help give them a different perspective of the world and uncover secrets. With all the information uncovered, the player discover’s their origins and the purpose of all the objects they have found on the island.

With a team of two, I was in charge of programming the game system and narrative for Poco Conocido. This included the movement system, camera system, weather and time system. Over the course of the 15 weeks, Chris and I many prototypes before arrive to this final version. I was also in charge of production of the game using burn down charts and creating a game macro. Our core vision was to understand how changing the player’s perspective can change their understanding of the narrative. We have taken inspiration from Journey and Ico when we were designing this experience.


Mac Build | Windows Build