The Second Screen experience is through the point of view of DR. DELPHINE MICHAUX played with a tablet like device (ie iPad)


INT. Secret Research Facility, Conference Room – Mid Afternoon almost evening

DR. DELPHINE MICHAUX sits in the right part of the front row of foldable plastic chairs with other doctors in white lab coats sitting behind her. Her head is up and tilted to the left focusing on the wooden podium facing the rows of chairs. Her hair is tied neatly in a bun with her glasses gleaming from the fluorescent light above her. There is excitement in the air as the other doctors are murmuring about today’s announcement. DR. MERCIER BIANCHI sits in the empty chair to the right of DR. MICHAUX. The SECOND SCREEN just has an image of a manila folder and a sticky note with DR. MICHAUX name written on it.


Looks like Congress has finally pass the bill to fund our little research. Excited about being on the front lines of the future on our National Defense?


We will see. Hope the test tube clones they send us are useable.

Head DR. ZANDER FERGUS walks up to the podium in his gleaming white lab coat. He lifts his hands to his mouth and let out a loud COUGH.


Good Evening Everyone. My name is Dr. Fergus and I will be leading the newly funded defense program, PROJECT GENE. You have all been carefully selected for this project due to your expertise in your respective field.  Each and every one of you will be leading the way for the future of defense of our great nation! Here are the things we hope to achieve with PROJECT GENE.

Men in military uniform who lined the room walks toward the doctors in the center handing each row a giant packet. When the packet reaches DR. MICHAUX, a copy of the packet is displayed on the SECOND SCREEN. The user can swipe across the screen to flip through the pages and gain insight on exactly what PROJECT GENE is. There are images they can zoom in and rotate, the password and location of the Lab DR. MICHAUX is working in and a section of the other two scientists the DR. is working with. The packet is accessible later on in the program. The action on the MAIN SCREEN is not suspended.

DR. FERGUS [continue]

Please read the details of this operation carefully. You have already been divided into teams. All of this information is in the packet. If you have any questions feel free to schedule an appointment with me. The first batch of test tube human clones is waiting for you in your respective team experimental laboratory. These will be the first of many that will help us advance the type of armament that this world has seen. I eagerly await the results of your findings.

DR. FERGUS closes his folder and walks off the podium. The doctors in the room leave their seats finding the other fellow doctors they will be working with.

From 30 seconds to a minute, DR. MICHAUX is just seated while other doctors are moving around in the room. There is some background chatter going on. This event gives the user some time to look through the packet in more detail. After the time ends the next section begins.



Seems like I’m partnering up with you this time Delphine. Just need to find a DR. SEBASTIAN SCHAEFEER then our team will be complete.

DR. MICHAUX stood up and remained silent to DR. BIANCHI’s banter as he stretches his neck out looking for the third doctor. DR. SCHAEFEER comes running towards them in his messy lab coat with a half eaten pastry in his hand. There are crumbs on his shaggy gray beard and his small glasses are dirty. He appears a little disheveled.


(takes a bite of his pastry)

HoHoHo. This is exciting! I have always wanted to work with the renowned DR. MICHAUX. I have read every single one of your academic paper. You are a force to be reckoned with! Why don’t we head to the LAB Z12 and take a look at this specimen that the Department of Defense has so generously given us.


(showing no emotion, not impressed with her team)

Time is of the essence. Let’s not waste time on small talk.

INT. Secret Research Facility Hallway

DR. MICHAUX exits the meeting room and quickly walks down the sterile white hallway leading to LAB Z12.  DR. BIANCHI and DR. SCHAEFEER stunned by how quickly DR. MICHAUX left the room struggled to keep up with her. DR. MICHAUX faces the security console.

On the SECOND SCREEN is a finger print reader and keypad. The key code is in the packet that was given at the meeting; the user can bring the packet back up if they did not remember the password. The user enters the code and places their finger on the reader to verify the code. The action of the MAIN SCREEN is suspended until the user enters in the correct code and places their finger on the reader. If the user takes too long to enter the password the SECOND SCREEN will glow on the location where they are suppose to tap. There will be an option to skip this interaction and DR. MICHAUX would enter in the password automatically. Her fingers will be seen on the SECOND SCREEN as the participant taps on the keypad.

This will open LAB Z12 door and DR. MICHAUX walks in. On the operating table is a very pale white human like specimen bounded at the ankles and wrists. It is bald, shirtless, fit and unconscious. Appears to be a male gender specimen. DR. MICHAUX walks up right next to the operating table. The two other doctors hurry in the LAB before the door closes behind them.

INT. Secret Research Facility Lab Z12

HEAVY BREATHING is head from the two doctors in the room. DR. MICHAUX picks up a tablet like device from a nearby table and lifts it up in front of the specimen. On the SECOND SCREEN the user sees what DR. MICHAUX sees on her tablet. It is an X-RAY image. The user can tap at different parts of the screen to gain biological information of the specimen and its current condition like heart rate and blood pressure.  They can also lift the SECOND SCREEN in front of the MAIN SCREEN and pan around to analyze different parts of the specimen like an X-RAY. If the user does not want to lift the SECOND SCREEN up, there is a 3D model of the specimen that the user can rotate and click on.


(has a smirk)

You’re an eager beaver Delphine.


(in awe)

It a beautiful specimen! It is amazing how far human cloning technology has advance since the day of Dolly. We can create them and perform experiments on them like lab rats. Now we’re making biological weapons disguised as a human figure. Terrorists are not going to know what hit them.


(by a table preparing a shot, a little annoyed by Dr. Bianchi)

Dr. Bianchi, please call me Dr. Michaux. I’m preparing the first batch of a compound mixture that I ran a simulation on. It should mix well with the genetic composition of our specimen based off of the many simulations that I ran.

DR. MICHAUX is on a nearby table concocting a chemical mixture she believes will turn this specimen into a biological weapon of mass destruction.

On the SECOND SCREEN, the user sees the table with separated chemicals. The action on the MAIN SCREEN is looping (The Drs pacing back and forth in the lab, looking at the specimen and computer monitors and talking to each other). The user can lift the bottles and pour separate ingredients into an empty flask. There are labels on the bottles that the user can click on to get more information related to the chemicals and their origin. The ways to mix these ingredients are in the packet. If the player mixes the compound incorrectly they can remake the compound. There is a hint system if the user is struggling to find the right combination.  Once all the liquids are in the flask, the user shakes their SECOND SCREEN to mix the chemicals together. If the SECOND SCREEN device does not have a built in accelerometer, the user can touch on the spatula and move their finger in a circular motion on the touch screen. If the user mixes the chemicals in the incorrect order, DR. MICHAUX will comment “This does not seem right” and the player can start again. The instruction for the correct combination is in the packet. The user can also skip over this interaction and DR. MICHAUX would automatically create the mixture.

Once the mixture is complete, DR. MICHAUX pours the liquid into a syringe and places it on a metal tray next to the specimen on the MAIN SCREEN. She uses a latex band and ties it tightly around the specimen left arm. She lifts the needle up and inserts it into the specimen.

On the SECOND SCREEN, the user sees the syringe filled with chemical mixture they just mixed. They can push the top of the syringe down injecting the mixture into the specimen body. The chemical mixture depletes at the same rate as the speed of the user pushing on the syringe.


(breathing a sigh of relief)

There. The compound is now injected into the specimen. DR. SCHAFEER, please hand me my medical device.

DR. SCHAFEER hands DR. MICHAUX hands her a medical tablet. On the SECOND SCREEN, the user can see variations in the specimen vital signals. The breathing rate and blood flow has increased. The specimen veins are bulging and its body is twitching up and down. It is struggling from the restraint on its wrist and ankles. On the SECOND SCREEN, the vital signals are going off the charts and it rumbles and beeps. On the MAIN SCREEN, there is some green gas escaping the nostrils, mouth and ears from the specimen. The alarm in the room goes off and a panic red light blinks constantly in the room. The three Drs. in the room are rummaging through the many cabinets struggling to find a sedative.


(nervous and sweating and yelling)

Where are the sedatives!? The specimen is having a negative reaction to your chemical compound Delphine! You must have calibrated your simulation incorrectly!



This can’t be! I ran the numbers and there shouldn’t be anything wrong!


(Found a syringe in a cabinet in the corner and is running to the specimen, is excited)


DR. SCHAEFER rushes to the specimen and stabs it in the heart with the syringe. The camera has a close up of the specimen’s face with its eyes and mouth wide open. Slow motion of the head landing back on the table. The screen of both devices goes to black.

NOTE: Some Second Screen features may not function during Broadcast TV mode.

POTENTIAL ISSUES: The action and interaction maybe too much stop and go breaking up the flow.

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