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pic1: Scene opens up in a dance club looking down on the dancers at a tilted angle. Wide angle shot. Includes the walls on the right and left side with a bar on the right wall. The right wall is covered in assortment of alcohol bottles on top of shelves. The DJ can be seen at the top of the panel in front of the dancing crowd with his hands on the mix board. Beams of light starts from the stage and ends at the edge of the panel. There is a giant LCD display behind the DJ that is displaying multi-color circles of different sizes. This panel takes the entire width of the page.

The next three panels are in a row

pic 2: Pull in to the bar area. Angled area view facing the wall covered in alcohol bottles. See Sam leaning against the bar with his right arm holding his head up with his elbow on the bar surface while he looks out at the sea of dancers. The bartender is behind the bar next to Sam washing cups. Sam is wearing a plaid button down shirt with a polka dot bow tie tucked into his loose jeans.

pic 3: Close up of Sam’s face, ¾ shot, with his nose angled towards the left edge of the panel. His face shows tenseness.

  1. Someone’s voice off panel: Sam! Don’t just sit there. What are you waiting for?

pic 4: Sam face is slightly blurred and is cut in half by the left side of the panel. His eye is looking to the right. Over his shoulder is Mark, Jake and Tye walking towards him. They are sleekly dress, Entourage-like, with huge smiles on their faces. Mark has short black hair with a well defined chin. Jake has longer messy brown hair with bangs almost covering his eyes with diamond stud earrings. Tye has blond short loose curly hair with a rounded chin.

pic 5: Panel takes up a width of the page. In the middle there is girl with curly dark hair dancing with her hands up. Some of her hair is floating midair with her head tilted down. She is surrounded by other dancers. Beams of light criss cross the panel.

Page 2

pic 1: Scene is facing Sam with Mark and Jake on his left and Tye on his right. The wall behind them have tons of bottles glimmering from the light bouncing off of them. The bartender is on the right of the panel placing the freshly washed cups on the shelf.

  1. Mark: We didn’t come all the way here to have you sit by the bar all night. She is right there! Just get up and tell her what you feel.
  2. Sam: I can’t do it. I’m just invisible to her. I’ll be rejected before I know it.
  3. Jake: You don’t know until you try.
  4. Sam: Still…

pic 2: Close up of Sam’s face looking a little nervous with his eyes looking towards the floor. The shadows are well defined on his face. A profile of Tye’s face on the right.

  1. Tye: Just imagine this as a video game but the goal is not to get 100 kills or collecting 1,000 stars. It is to get the girl you had a crush on beginning of your high school career.
  2. Sam: But this isn’t a video game! If I fail a quest, I can just restart the game and try again. There are no second chances in reality.
  3.  Tye: Cm’on! You’re an ace gamer. This would be a cakewalk. No worries! We got your back.

pic 3: Panel takes up the width of the page. On the left side is the group by the bar and on the right is the dancing girl in the middle of a crowd. Beams of light criss cross the screen.

  1. Jake: Go on. There’s no one dancing with her.
  2. Sam: …
  3. Mark: If you won’t go I will.

pic 4: The scene is behind the group on the left side and Mark is walking towards the dancing girl. Tye’s hand is on Sam’s back.

  1. Tye: Are you going to let Mark take your girl? You’ve been playing that dancing game for this moment. You are ready for this.
  2. Jake: It’s now or never.

pic 5: Mark and the girl are slightly blurred and dancing in the foreground on the left side of the frame. Sam is in being pulled towards them by Jake with Tye behind them. Sam’s body is position that looks like he is about to fall on the floor due to the pull from Jake. (But he is does not fall).

  1. Sam: Hey! Watch it!

pic 6: The girl is in the middle with Jake, Tye and Mark around her with an enthusiastic expression. Sam is standing behind Tye looking a little nervous. He is adjusting his bow tie with both hands. They are surrounded by dancers.

  1. Jake: Audrey! What’s up!
  2. Audrey: Hey guys! Fancy seeing you here. Just bumped into Mark.
  3. Tye: Yea, we came together.
  4. Audrey: Nice. Been here for an hour already and not even tired! This DJ is awesome!

Page 3

pic 1: The scene is a side view with Audrey in the middle (facing towards the reader), the back of Mark on the left, Jake is behind Audrey, a side view of Tye facing Audrey (on the right side of the panel) and Sam behind Tye with his hands in his pocket and head looking down. His right foot is up like it was kicking a stone.

  1. Audrey: So what have you guys been up too?
  2. Mark: Not much. Thought we all can have some fun tonight. How about you?
  3. Audrey: Been looking forward to this night. DJ Cat makes some of my favorite remixes.
  4. Jake: Cool. Did you know Sam listens to him too? Talks about his remixes all the time.

pic 2: Panel is facing Sam with a slightly distraught face. Back of Audrey’s head takes up left half of the panel. Part of Tye’s right shoulder is in front of Sam’s body.

  1. Audrey: Really? What is your favorite remix from him?
  2. Sam: Um… I listen to more of his video game music remixes….
  3. Audrey: I like those too! Mario vs. Bach?
  4. Sam: Yes!

pic 3: Profile of Audrey and Sam facing each other. Sam face is “lit” up (appear happy). Mark and Jake are in the background next to each other with a smile. Tye is behind Sam.

  1. Audrey: It is really interesting to hear a musical combination of classical music and music created from computers. Nice bow tie! Very eye catching.
  2. Sam: *stunned. Um. Thanks. It does not look dorky?
  3. Audrey: Not at all. Think it is kinda adorable.
  4. Tye: (whisper) Ask her if she wants something to drink?

pic 4:Close up of Audrey and Sam facing each other.

  1. Sam: Um… Did you want something to drink?
  2. Audrey: Sure! I’m quite thirsty. Been dancing for a while.

pic 5: Wide shot, side view. Sam is in front of Audrey and walking to the right of the frame looking towards her. The bar is on the right with a couple seats open. Tye, Mark and Jake are following behind. They are walking towards the bar.

  1. Sam: What would you like to drink?
  2. Audrey: I’m kinda in the mood for a smoothie. Maybe a pineapple, strawberry, orange smoothie.
  3. Sam: It sounds delicious

pic 6: The back of the bar tender is in the foreground on the left part of the frame. Sam is leaning on the bar. Audrey is to the right of Sam. Tye, Mark and Jake are semi-blurred in the background.

  1. Sam: Um… Can I get 2 pineapple, strawberry orange smoothies?
  2. Bartender: 2? Coming right up.

Page 4

pic 1: Scene of just Sam and Audrey at the bar facing each other. Body frontal.

  1.  Audrey: Excited about graduation?
  2.  Sam: Um… Sort of. Will miss all of my friends.
  3. Audrey: I haven’t really seen you much around school?
  4. Sam: Don’t go out much. Usually playing video games. Mark, Jake and Tye are my Halo buddies.

pic 2: Bartender places a drink in front of Audrey. Drink is already placed in front of Sam. Sam is looking towards his drink playing with the small umbrella.

  1. Audrey: Halo? Is that a video game?
  2. Sam: Yea. I play it … a lot.
  3. Audrey: Must be a really exciting game! Should show it to me next time.

pic 3: Close up of Sam’s face. Looks relieved (also reserve. Unsure if he is being lead on). Is facing Audrey (off frame). He is sitting up straight.

  1. Sam: Sure… If you have time before graduation, you are more than welcome to my place. I can show you some neat things about the game.

pic 4: Zoom out. Side view (right side of Audrey’s face and left side of Sam’s face). Audrey and Sam are facing each other.

  1. Audrey: Yea sounds good! I never been much into video game but been interested in them.
  2. Sam: Really!? If you ever need a suggestion of what to play, feel free to ask me.
  3. Audrey: Cool! I’ll find some time.

pic 5: Same scene, Audrey is looking at her watch. Sam is getting closer to her has a disappointing look on his face.

  1. Audrey: Ah look at the time. Need to get home and finish up a project.
  2. Sam: Oh… Um.. would you like to meet after school tomorrow?
  3. Audrey: Um. Sorry. Got soccer practice. We’ve got to get ready for regional’s. I’m sure I’ll bump into you the hallway. Enjoy the rest of the night!

pic 6: Zoomed out. Angle area shot facing the wall covered in bottles. Sam’s body is facing out to the dance floor looking at Audrey. Audrey is walking along the bar, half way from the exit.

Page 5

pic 1: Profile shot of Sam’s face looking to the left frame (part of his neck is shown with his bow tie). In the background Tye, Jake and Mark are walking over.

pic 2: Sam is in the middle of scene. Jake and Mark are on the left, Tye is on the right. All of them have eager looking faces.

  1. Mark: How did it go?
  2. Sam: Well? I think.
  3. Jake: What did she say?
  4. Sam: She asked if I can introduce her to some games. Told her we’re Halo buddies…

pic 3: Same setup. Sam is adjusting his bow. Jake has a smile. Mark is talking. Tye is happy.

  1. Mark: Haha. Neat. Get to show her our team dynamic. See Sam you can do it!
  2. Jake: Sam, you did great. Just continue build up to confidence and Audrey will get to know you.
  3. Sam: I hope. Thanks for the support

pic 4: Jake, Mark and Sam facing Tye. Tye has is left arm extended with his open palm facing up lying along the bar table. Profile view of Tye face.

  1. Tye: What are we doing just sitting here. Let’s Celebrate.

pic 5: Scene takes up rest of the page. Shot from behind Jake, Mark, Sam and Tye walking back on to the dance floor. Their arms on top of each other shoulders (Like a football huddle). Silhouette of dancers in the background. Lights are criss cross the scene. DJ Cat is in the far back with giant speakers on both sides of him.

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