Compendium: This is the compilation of all the stories of the Ziegler Timeline in chronicle order. It contains the summery of the following stories and other stories that I have not written for part of this series.

Sweet Anamnesis (Once I was… Now I am…): Dr. Caspian Maxfield Ziegler was working day and night on his research to create a memory device that would cure Alzheimer. Being underfunded at the company’s R&D division he had to make many sacrifices including his family life. One day the Department of Defense showed tremendous interest in his research and decided to help co-fund it. Dr. Ziegler was enthusiastic about this opportunity but as always, there are hidden strings attached especially when you are working with the government.

La Nouvelle Vie (2nd Screen Experience): At a secret research facility, three doctors are tasked with creating the next generation of bioweapons to be used in the war against terror.

Rupert Calloway:(Alternate Reality Game): Rupert Calloway is a private investigator looking into a series of deaths occurring in Chicago. However he needs your help to uncover this mystery.

Jump (Comic Book Writing): Tye Ziegler and three of his friends go to a club to start of their summer vacation celebrations. One of them has a crush on a girl and they help him to get acquainted with her.

Artificial Life (Character Hiding a Secret): Tiberius Ziegler has been really busy at work as a marketing executive for an international corporation. He finally has time to celebrate his wedding anniversary with his lovely wife and they go to a restaurant on top of the hill.

Essentiam (Interactive Document): Valentina Ziegler has been abandoned by her husband after being chased by mysterious men. She goes on a journey to find him and the truth behind their marriage.

Envisage (Comic Book Writing): A prince and princess attends a one-of-a-kind mind projection performance at an opera house.