“Oh no! I’m late to class!” A herd of students rushed to their classrooms.

It is the year 2020. According to Legend, the 1010 anniversary of the Orb has arrived. The power of the Orb has been awakened inside an young school girl at Misosuki Middle School. Her name is Casandra Saki and is 14 years old. Today she will discovered the power inside of her.

“Boom” The sound the door made as it collided with the wooden panels.

“Sorry I’m late Mr. Huromori!” exclaimed the breathless Casandra.

“This is the 3rd time this week! Try to set your alarm earlier so you can get to class on time,” exclaimed Mr. Huromori as he gave her a stern look.

“Yes teacher…” said Casandra as she walked to her desk with her head down.

“Now today’s lesson is about radicals. Get your calculators out!” The sound of shuffling filled the room as all the students rummaged through their book-bags for their calculator’s.

“Before we continue from yesterday’s lesson, we have a Pop Quiz!”

“Awww…” grumbled all the students.

“He gives us a pop quiz every day. It’s so annoying,” comment Casandra to her friend, Mary, to the right of her.

“Yeah, I know,” said Mary.

“Do you have anything to share with class Miss. Saki and Miss. Maro?”

“No Mr. Huromori,” said the girls in unison.

“Then keep your private conversation to a minimum.”

“Yes Mr. Huromori. Just as the pop quiz was getting to them, the earth beneath their feet began to shake.

“Everyone, get underneath your desk!” commanded Mr. Huromori. All the students rushed underneath their tables.

“Whats going on Mary?” questioned Casandra.

“It feels like an earthquake but I’m not sure.”

“This can’t be an earthquake. Nothing is falling out of the shelves and the lamps on the ceiling are not moving!”

Mary looked up. “Yea, you’re right! This is weird.” A large siren blared filling the room with the loud sound. The principal told everyone to evacuate the building over the intercom.

All of the students ran out of the room. Casandra and Mary held hands to prevent themselves from being separated. The teacher tried to keep the students calm but everyone was just focused on escaping. Finally, Casandra and Mary ran out the front door and stood in the middle of the playground in front of the school.

“I thought it would be brighter outside?” questioned Mary. The 2 girls looked up and there was a large black object hovering above the city in the sky. As they took a closer look, the shape took a form of a bird. A loud screech pierces though the air. Everyone looked up and began to run haphazardly.

“We got to get underground Casandra,” exclaimed the frighten Mary.

“I can’t move my legs. I can’t feel anything!” There was fear in Casandra’s voice.

“We’ve got to go now!” said Mary as she grabbed Casandra’s hand and tried to run towards to one of the subway entrances. No matter how hard she pulled, Casandra’s body would not budge.

“STOP IT!” The voice boomed through the noise sounded like a mix of various younger girls voices. Mary let go of Casandra’s arm and stared at her in horror. Casandra’s hair transformed from a cosmic black to a flame red. Her eyes color transfigured from brown to green.

“What’s happening to you Casandra?” questioned the scared Mary.

“I’m Lakio Shumi! Casandra still lives within me but I have need of her body. I have to destroy that object in the sky. It is the Great Bird of Guzi.”

“The Great Bird of Guzi?” Mary was so confused. Her friend transform into this unknown entity to her and this girl was spouting weird names.

“No time to explain.” Lakio was levitating above the ground and started to move towards the bird.

“Casandra…” Lakio flew higher and higher till she was facing the bird.

“Why have you returned Giza?”

“Because you have awoken,” replied Giza with his large wings flapping behind him.

“I cannot let you live. You cause an enormous amount of damage where ever you go.”

“Yes and I will cause more destruction. The world needs to live in fear or they will lose sight of its true purpose.” Lakio’s left and right hands glowed blue and her eyes went smoky white.