Lakio flown over Guzi and began to engage the big bird to a fight. Guzi opened his mouth and large flaming projectiles shot out heading towards Lakio. She dodge to the left and right avoiding the large burring spheres with ease. The flaming balls collided with a building behind her and large debris fell to the ground. The area around their battlefield was already cleared so the debris just fell onto a large empty intersection.

“Give up Guzi! There is no way for you to win!” screamed Lakio.

“Never in a million years,” replied Guzi in a nonchalant tone. Lakio and Guzi traveled through out their surrounding air space till Guzi halted. He fluttered his wings for a little while and then brought his wings all the way back. His wings came forward like a released rubber band creating a tornado in front of him. It was heading towards Lakio.

To prevent catastrophic damage to the city, Lakio headed towards the city with all her might. She placed both her wrists together and had her hands on the surface of the tornado. With this motion, she slowly pushed the tornado back towards Guzi.

“I better use the gift you gave me Guzi!” Lakio thrusted the tornado right back at the large bird.

“Noooooo…” screamed the fading voice of Guzi. “I will return!” In that moment, Guzi shattered into little pieces. As each piece touched the ground, they dissolved into the air. Lakio landed on top of a nearby skyscraper then collapsed to the ground.

“Where am I? What am I doing here?” questioned the startled Casandra the moment she woke up. “What happened here?”

“Casandra! Casandra! What happened to you?” questioned the concerned Mary as she rushed towards her.

“I don’t know. When I looked up at that bird, I just blacked out.”

“You blacked out but something else happened.”

“What do you mean?”

“There seem to be a hidden power within you that awoken up. She identified herself has Lakio Shumi then flew right at the bird.”

“Lakio? Shumi?”

“I have no idea, but she called the bird in the sky her enemy.”

“Enemy?” Casandra was continued to be confused with the information that Mary was telling her.

“She called it the great bird of Guzi.”

“Haha, that’s such a funny name,” laughed Casandra.

“Guzi claimed that he return because you have awakened.”

“Awakened? I guess he means Lakio.”

“I have a bad feeling about this. If Guzi has awakened because of Lakio, then I’m sure her other enemies have also. And I bet they are going to come after her.”

“Oh… no…” The thought of strange creatures coming after her was a terrifying thought.

“We should get back to ground level. I ran as fast as I could when I saw you land on top of this building. Come here.” Mary was holding the fire escape door. “We will be going through the back door. Don’t want to cause a commotion.”

“Why will we cause a commotion? There’s nothing wrong with our appearance.”

“Many people saw Lakio land on top of this building. I’m sure all of them want to question you and your strange powers.” They went down many flights of stairs and ended up at the trash disposal area. Mary took Casandra’s hand and ran into the building across the ally way. They exited that building and began to head toward’s Mary Maro’s home. It was just a few blocks from where they are now.