“Beep…Beep…Beep” A large hand came down on the…


“Ahhaawww,” yawned Casandra as she woke up. “Don’t want to go to school.” She lift her hand from the alarm clock, getting up from her bed and staring straight at the clock to the left of her. “Ah! I’m going to be late again!” Casandra quickly got out of her bed with the covers being flung to all corners of the room. She grab the set of clothes closes to her, put them on, snatched up her backpack and rushed down the stairs.

“Mom! I’m late for school!” screamed out Casandra as she was going down the wooden stairs.

“Here, have a pop tart.”

“Thanks mom!” Casandtra grabbed the pop tart on here way out the front door. Fortunately for her, the high school was just a few blocks away. Casandra turned at a corner passing an office and a mini mart. The school is a large complex with a soccer field and small jungle gym by the entrance way. Casandra dashed inside the crowed main hallway. School hasn’t started yet so Casandra went to her group of friends by of the lockers.

“Hi Casandra!” said her friends in unison.

“You’re finally early!” chucked Mary.

“Yea.. I know..” panted Casandra. “I woke up just as my alarm went off. I’m going to get some water, just ran a couple of blocks.” Casandra walked by the classroom with a water fountain next to it.

The school bell went off and all the students in the hallway scurry off to their class. Casandra went to her desk on the 3rd row by the windows as all the other students sat down.

“Where’s out teacher?” Mary whispered to Casandra.

“I’m not sure. He’s usually not this late to class.” The class room door slid opened. All the students turned their heads to get a better view to see who as at the entrance. A tall slender lady wearing in a long black dress and wore glasses. For some reason, the moment Casandra looked at her, she felt panic inside.

“I am your substitute teacher today. You may call me Mrs. Yoki.”

“Mary. This lady seems weird. I’m getting a very negative vibe from her,” Casandra whispered to Mary.

“What do you mean? I don’t see anything wrong with her. See seems nice,” said Mary non-chalantly.

Casandra raised her hand. “May I go to the restroom Mrs. Yaki?”

“Of course you can, and if I may ask, what is your name?”


“Hurry up Casandra. We have a big lesson today.”

“Ok!” Casandra quickly left the class room, went down the hallway till she reached the ladies room on the left.

Casandra placed both her hands on one of the sinks and stared into the mirror. “Why does it feel like I know this women. Se seems nice but inside, I get a feeling she is not all what she is showing.” Casandra notice her face changing in the mirror and was scared. She let go of the sink and backed up till her back was against the bathroom stall door.

“Who are you?!” said Casandra in a frighten voice.

“I’m you.”

“You’re me?”

“I am you. I am also known as Lakio, the power of the Orb.”

“You’re the person my friend Mary was talking about.”

“Correct. Once you were born, my power was embedded in you.”

“Why? How did this happen?”

“You, your parents and your grandparents are part of my family tree. It runs in the family. In your veins exist my power. It is your destiny.”

“So you are what makes me feel nervous inside when I see Mrs. Yaki.”

“Yes, the substitute teacher  is the serpent Queen Maiyo. She has disguised herself as a harmless human, but she will turn all your friends into zombies.

“What!? How?” Casandra got closer to the mirror with her noise just a centimeter from touching it.

“She has the power to hypnotize and control them to help her rebuild her kingdom.”

“I’m assuming that you were the one that destroyed her kingdom?”

“Yes, I was the one. She wanted to take of the world I needed to stop her. She is powerful and persuasive.”

“Alright, Let’s do this,” said Casandra as Lakio’s image disappeared from the mirror. Casandra left the bathroom and headed towards the classroom for a surprise.