There I was, sitting in my worn out wheel chair, staring at the old maple trees as the rustic color leaves began to fall. The wind blew over my wrinkled face as I began to recall the past, the past that made me wonder if I was the right person for the job. The idea of being chosen, or just the chosen one. Just like from bible school, I learned how Jesus was chosen to save all of mankind from their sin. For me, I was chosen to lead, to lead my comrades into battle. Then the wind swirled around me and I began to flash back to when it all started……

“Will Major James Clive Lambert please come down to the podium please!”

roared out Lieutenant General Bernard Calvert Weller.

Shocked by this request, I just stood up and replied, “Yes Sir!” in front of my fellowmen and women. I slowly walk down the white tile steps that lead down within the Conference room. My head is swimming with what I may have done wrong to get the Lieutenant General to declare me to be in front of everyone. Once I got to the podium, I turn to look at the Lieutenant General with my hands shaking a little. Lieutenant General Bernard Calvert Weller faced everyone in front of him.

“Today is a special occasion!  Major James Clive Lambert will be promoted to Major General.” Then he turned to me. With my eyes wide open, I couldn’t believe what was happening! The Lieutenant General reached into his pocket and pulled out a velvet box. “Major, you have proven yourself to be a worthy person to receive this promotion. You have shown valor,bravery and most important of all, you have shown your love to your homeland and to your fellow personnel. I present you with this medal that will signify your new position with in our ranks.” He opened the velvet box, and took out a golden pin with an eagle spreading its wings. The Lieutenant General placed the pin on my left chest with all my other pins. “Congratulations! Major General James Clive Lambert!” exclaimed Lieutenant General Bernard Calvert Weller while he saluted me with his sterile white glove just above his head.

“Thank you for this great honor Lieutenant General!” I quickly reply while standing up straight and saluting him.

“Now face your fellow army men and women. Announce your new position!”

I went right behind the podium and began to address my fellow soldiers. “I am greatly honored by this promotion from Lieutenant General Bernard Calvert Weller. This would not have been possible with out all of you. I will hope that I will continue to be worthy of this position. I salute you all!” I yelled with my legs coming together and my right hand saluting them. In response, they all rose out of their seats and saluted back at me. There was some applause and clapping a little while after. I felt such a great passion among my peers.Lieutenant General Bernard Calvert returned to the podium and declared the meeting adjourned.

As I exited the meeting room, I was met with applause, whistling, hugging and screaming.

“Congrats James!” yelled out my friend Major Ken Beaufort.

“Yo! Good job on your promotion!” belted out my roommate  Private David Conway.

“Thanks David!” I quickly replied as I continued down the hallway. Before I exited the building, I had a small meeting with Lieutenant General Bernard Calvert Weller.

“Can you see me for a second in my office Major General James Clive Lambert?” ordered Lieutenant General Weller.

“Of course sir!” I quickly responded. I followed him through many different hallways and doors until we reached a large brown room. My eyes glanced to the left noticing the Lieutenant’s wall filled with trophies and pictures from his past. This room was large and quite fitting for a Lieutenant General with his status.

“Please,sit down James,” Lieutenant General Weller asked gently. I grabbed the wooden chair with a velvet cushion behind me and sat down. I sat up straight, waiting in anticipation to what my superior had to say to me.

“As you may have realized, a promotion to Major General comes with more responsibilities. Your new title requires you to be in charge of the 73rd Infantry Division. This may be short notice, but I need you to lead them to fight over seas.” I stared at him as my eyes began to widen more and more. “I realized this may be new to you, but you need to be in Qatar in the next 48 hours. This is a very important top-secret mission for you . You need to lead the 73rd Infantry to fight the rebels in that area. I wish you luck on your first mission as Major General. May God be with you,” said Lieutenant General  Bernard Calvert Weller, as he stood up from his seat and saluted me.

The next thing I know, I’m on a CH-46 Sea Knight Cargo Helicopter taking me to the U.S. military base. There I am sitting in a heavy military suit staring out the window at the endless desert. I did not know what to expect from this mission; my first mission to command.

Once we landed on the cracked helipad, I climbed out of the CH-46 I was greeted by one of my army personnel.

“Welcome to Qatar Major General James Clive Lambert. Please follow me to the meeting room.” I quickly followed him since the sirens went off on the base indicating that a sandstorm was coming. He led me to a tan tent and secured the doorway behind me. I began to hear the whistling of the wind. This will be the first time in my career that I had a meeting in the middle of a sandstorm.

“May I have your attention please Major General. Sorry for not introducing myself earlier. I am Colonel Joesph Daxton. I will be catching you up on the current situation now. A small military group in the Ash Shamal region has kidnapped atop U.S. diplomat who was going to talk to the Qatar government to continue the Qatar-U.S. Alliance. The 73rd infantry have been giving the responsibility to start this covert operation. Do you have any question Major General?” asked Colonel Daxton.

“Do we have an idea as to who these kidnappers are and what are their purpose for this act?” I replied.

“We are still trying to find out the group behind this act. We are assuming that this group’s purpose is to create tension between the U.S. government and the Qatar government. The group might profit from the tension between the two countries. Our plan of action is called ‘Operation Auspices.’ ”

“What equipment do we have and how many groups are with us?”

“We have several AK-47 machine rifles, many hand pistols, headsets for communication, GPS tracking device, emergency health kit and a military certified vehicles. There are three groups in this operation. Team Desert is consist of 10 infantry personnel who will be entering the village first to scout the area. Team Sandstorm has a combination of 5 infantry units, 9 snipers, 2 stealth units and 3 soldiers in charge of communications. The final team, the one that you Major will be in, is named Team Hawk. It includes you sir, me, 20 infantry units, 10 stealth units, 5 informants and 2 air assist units. We are part of the final wave of attack. As you can see here on the map,we believe that this kidnapping group will be at the center of this village. It will be tough to initiate a surprise attack so each of the team will monitor each of the three entrances in and out of the city. This plan of attack will begin tomorrow at 1500 hours. Any question Major General?”

“No Colonel, thank you for the followup and will see you tomorrow at 1500 hours,”I replied calmly. The sandstorm had pass though without any major incident and I exited the sand color tent. My heart is beating fast and my head is filled with so many thoughts. This is an important mission that I was chosen to lead and to succeed in. The relationships between our two countries will rest upon my shoulders. I went into my sleeping quarters and began to go to sleep.It will be a long day tomorrow.

The time has come.

Operation Auspices is now in motion. I saw Team Desert caravan leaving the base to scout the village first. A half hour later, Team Sandstorm left the base. I went to check on the equipment and made sure that we were all prepared. I got into the passenger seat in the Hum-v in front of me. Colonel Joesph Daxton is in the driver seat and began to go over Operation Auspices with me just before we left the base.

“{static noise} Major General { zzz}Team Desert has now entered the village. We are scouting the area now for this group suspected hideout. Over {static noise}”

“Roger.Team Hawk just left the base. We’re on our way. Please keep me up to date in any changes in the situation. Over,” I replied into my microphone. The road to the village is quite rough. The Hum-v went up and down. From my current location, I began to see the village getting closer.

“{static noise} Major General. {zzz} Team Sandstorm is in position right now. All of the entrances to the village are being monitored right now. { zzz} The snipers are in place waiting for your orders sir.Over.{static noise}”

“Roger.Team Hawk now arrived at the village north entrance. Keep me up to date on any unusual incidents that may occur. Over,” I replied as I got out of the Hum-v.The village was quite peaceful at this moment. The entrances had large statues of soldiers point towards the Sun. My team went in front and behind me.Colonel Joesph Daxton marched really close next to me. Then I lifted my hand and pointed right then straight. 8 infantry units, 3 stealth units and 2 informants went to the right. 7 infantry units, 4 stealth units and 2 informants went straight. The rest of the team followed me to the left. My heart was beating faster with every step that I made. When was this group going to attack?

“{static noise} Team Sandstorm here. We have spotted two suspected kidnappers coming out of the suspected group’s hide out location. {zzz} What is the plan of action?Over.”

“Keep an eye on them, make sure they do not leave your sight. Over.”  My men followed me to the suspected location of the kidnapping group’s hide out. A few infantry men and Colonel Joe hid in an ally way in front of the building.

“Is every one in position? Over,”as I asked all the teams over the microphone.

“Team Desert all ready. Over {static noise}”

“Team Sandstorm is all go. Over {more static noise}.”

“First Team Desert’s infantry units will infiltrate the suspected hideout. When is it all clear, Team Sandstorm infantry units will follow. If any suspected group members are escaping the hide out, let the Snipers take them down. Team Hawk will provide backup. Ready go! Over.”



From my location, I began to see Team Desert to break into the suspected hideout.Gunshots were fired and yelling were heard.

“Team Desert cleared the first floor, we’re moving up. Over”

“Team Sandstorm is coming now. Over”

More gunshots and yelling were heard. My hands began to grip the AK-47 tighter and tighter. I felt really tense inside hoping that I will succeed in this mission.

“BOOM!!!!! BOOM!!!!” The building shook besides me and we all ran out of the ally way that we were hiding in. The buildings collapse causing sand and debris to go everywhere.

“Status update NOW! OVER!” I yelled into my microphone.

“The two men that we were tracking set off a bomb in two different  marketplaces! Our guards at the entrances are being attacked! Over!”

“Air units! We need back up now! Over!” I screamed into the microphone.

“Roger.We’re on our way. Over.”

“All units in surrounding the hideout need to clear now!” yelled out my microphone.What was going on? Screaming and the crying of little children surrounded me.My team quick vacated the area then…

“KA-BOOM!!!!!”I turned my head back and saw where the hideout used to be. The group had rigged the building.

“Status Report NOW!” I said frantically into the microphone.

“Half of Team Desert is dead and a quarter of them are injured! Over!”

“Only a quarter of Team Sandstorm is dead. A few are injured. Our snipers are keeping an eye out for any other remaining group members! Over.” The gun shots were heard in front of me. I lead my men to where the fighting was taking place.Then a shower of bullets came from above.

“Scramble NOW!” I yelled out to my men. I ran into the nearest ally way looking back at the street. I was horrified by seeing two of my comrades bodies just lying there on the ground. I looked up and saw two gun men by a window on the second floor of a building. I aimed with my AK-47 and shot both of them. The two gun men fell out of the window making a loud thump as their dead bodies hit the sandy ground. Then a gunshot out of nowhere penetrated my leg. I let out a loud painful scream.

“Major! Major! Are you alright!?” yelled out Colonel Joe as he ran to me. Then he fell face flat in front of me. A bullet had hit him from behind. My head was swirling. Death everywhere. My comrades were falling like flies. I lead my men into battle and I failed! I shook Joe’s body and I kept shaking it and another loud boom resonated throughout the village. A gust of wind blew into my face and there I was again staring at the rustic leaves falling from the trees.

“James?…James?!.. Are you ok?!” asked my nurse Rosaline.

“I’m fine,” I replied as my voice cracked. I sat in my wooden wheelchair and stared into the deep blue sky. I was chosen to command.

The chosen one.

But was I the right one?